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Research & Development

Offering value added products and services are the key point for the development of companies as well as countries. GCF carries out R&D and innovation projects to offer unique and distinctive products and services for its clients. The main subjects of these R&D and innovation activities are Clean-Tech and Renewables.

Before the handling an R&D and Innovation project, GCF evaluates all aspects of an idea;

  • Implementability
  • Sustainability (Environmental, Social and Economic)
  • Tradability

Once an idea is decided to be implemented, GCF;

  • prepares business plans for the each step of the project
  • collaborates with national and international companies, institutions and organisations
  • searches, evaluates and applies funding opportunities
  • manages the project in line with the business program
  • looks for the ways to commercialize the final product/service

GCF team is open to evaluate any “brilliant idea” and support clients to realize it.  If an idea excites you and keeps you from sleeping; Yes, It is Brilliant!