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The GCF team does not only fulfil the compulsory basic requirements of standards and authorized bodies but also tries to add value to the emission reduction projects by analysing all aspects of the project.  Additionally, GCF’s “from beginning to the end” approach to the emission reduction projects helps the renewable energy and energy efficiency investors to maximize their profitability while minimizing the costs and time for trading carbon credits.

Carbon Project Development

– Assessment for carbon project suitability (technical, methodological, financial)

– Supporting the client in administrative-legal issues as a basis for the launch of a carbon project

– Designing and managing all the relevant steps of the carbon project on behalf of the client:

  • Registration for a registry
  • Stakeholder meetings & reporting
  • Writing Project Design Documents (PDD‘s) and Project Descriptions (PD)
  • Drive the process of request for quotation (RFQ) from Validators and Verifiers
  • Drive the validation and verification process
  • Monitoring

 Carbon Trading

– Conducting sales activities of carbon credits on behalf of the client

– Bringing the client together with international direct buyers and with brokers,
retailers and carbon funds

– Negotiation of Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement (ERPA) on behalf of the client