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About Us

Green World

Who We Are?

Founded in 2011, Green Consult and Finance (GCF) is a carbon consultancy company which also carries out R&D and Innovation activities for clean-tech projects. GCF is composed of a team of experts with extensive professional experience specializing in the areas of renewable energy, environment and carbon.

The GCF people held highly professional positions in quantitative analysis, economic research and consulting, carbon trading, business development, supply and project management, in governmental institutions, multinational utilities, regulatory bodies, supply companies and consultancy firms.

Therefore, the GCF team provides its clients with global and sustainable business perspectives as well as with concrete and effective business solutions.

The three core characteristic elements of the GCF team in approaching its clients and performing services are: Transparency, Professionalism and Quality.

The name “Green Consult and Finance”

As the name “Green Consult and Finance” suggests, the GCF team’s main business objectives are to offer advisory, due diligence and project development services in the area of green markets as well as to offer financial brokerage and due diligence services for investments in renewable energy, environment and clean technology projects. Therefore, the combination of “Consult” and “Finance” represents the GCF team’s expertise in those two fields, and demonstrates its strong competence of integrating them with best-in class approaches and solutions.

GCF unique key for success

The GCF people’s unique key for success is to implement an integrated and sustainable business approach by offering not only advisory services for designing and setting up projects, processes or services, but having also many years of practical experience in their implementation and management within the organizations’ operative business processes.

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