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Yenilenebilir Elektrik & Çevre

Market Research Report and Due Diligence

Conducting comprehensive market report and due diligence services:

  • Analysis with regard to market, policy / regulation, stakeholders, prices etc. and reporting
  • Business advisory and recommendations
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Comprehensive economic / financial, regulatory and technical Due Diligence
  • Business development and strategic planning
  • Project set up and management

Project Development

– Conducting all the relevant managerial and administrative steps within the project development
cycle on behalf of the Client, from set-up phase and EMRA licensing until the construction of the
power plant and final registration at PMUM / EPIAS

– Contracting services

– EMRA licensing advisory services

– Services areas:

  • Biomass / biogas:
    • Agricultural waste
    • Municipal Waste
  • Hydro
  • Solar
  • Wind

Financing of Environment-Friendly Projects

GCF provides equity and debt opportunities for project developers, targeting to launch environment-friendly projects, by making use of its international finance network. Projects may vary from renewable energy project investments to energy efficiency, or waste water treatment. GCF’s financing services target not only on the project itself, but also on manufacturing and service facilities aiming for value addition of environment-friendly projects.