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Carbon Project Development

– Assessment for carbon project suitability (technical, methodological, financial)

– Supporting the client in administrative-legal issues as a basis for the launch of a carbon project

– Designing and managing all the relevant steps of the carbon project on behalf of the client:

  • Registration for a registry
  • Stakeholder meetings & reporting
  • Writing Project Design Documents (PDD‘s) and Project Descriptions (PD)
  • Drive the process of request for quotation (RFQ) from Validators and Verifiers
  • Drive the validation and verification process
  • Monitoring

 Carbon Trading

– Conducting sales activities of carbon credits on behalf of the client

– Bringing the client together with international direct buyers and with brokers,
retailers and carbon funds

– Negotiation of Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement (ERPA) on behalf of the client

Carbon Footprint

Establishing Carbon Footprint according to:

  • GHG Protocol
  • ISO 14064
  • PAS 2050
  • ISO 14067 (upcoming)